Friday, July 18, 2008

A few thoughts

First of all, sorry for the semi-lackluster liveblogging. It was my first ever attempt and I thought of it about 5 minutes before I started trying to do it (which would be about 10 minutes into the show) and so I didn't have any good system to use. It was ultimately so disjointed that I killed it. Nor am I going to do this again unless I'm at home and watching it on DVR*

* Note to self, blog about the personal achievement one can attain with the joy of digitally recorded video

But alas, I was not at home. Why? Was I out watching the season premiere at some cute little viewing party downtown? No, I watched it at work.

Hey there! Wait a second! Were you really at work at 11pm last night?

Sadly the answer to that question is yes. I've been working too much (which might explain why I'm having a conversation with myself on this blog). I'm in the midst of a massive work project and that's got me in the office practically 24/7. This, is NOT conducive to personal achievement in the 21st century. Or maybe it is on some level, but I'll tell you being alone in the building after midnight doesn't really make you feel like you're getting anywhere. It just makes you lonely and paranoid.

And when you work too much, you turn into this...

I wonder what they're shilling there because right now I'd totally buy it if it would save me from this demon week.