Monday, March 16, 2009

Coffee and Bitterness

Because I was on a plane yesterday, which makes me feel that the human race is more obnoxious than usual, I'd like to reference Starbucks-employee/kick-ass blogger 147xxxx:

" Saying something like“I don’t mean to be annoying, but can you ____” doesn’t make what you’re requesting less annoying. If anything, it makes you and what you’re saying more annoying because you recognize how annoying it is and make the decision to do it regardless of said annoyance.

I don’t mind if you take awhile to get your perfect change together. I do however mind when someone doesn’t have enough change, and asks me if I’m cool with him (it’s always a dude) being short the 54¢, or if its okay that he pays $1.23 for a $1.90 drink. I’m you’re barista in Starbucks, sir, its not like I’m dealing fake fendi bags in a secret upstairs room in the back of a big store down in Chinatown. You can’t bargain here. you want drink, you payy."

Who walks among us?!

The rest of the blog is awesome, too. Check it out.