Wednesday, March 18, 2009

On My Way to Where the Air Is Sweet

One of the fun things about Sesame Street is getting to see the celebrities they ask to the show. A recent favorite is Feist's appearance--her song makes counting fun! But there are more great celebrity moments from the street.

One of my favorites is Natalie Portman's adorable scene with Elmo. If the new Star Wars movies had been this cute, they would have been so much beloved. Another is Patrick Stewart's Shakespearean take on the letter B. It's hysterical, it teaches kids about letters, and it hides a chip in their brain that will make them love Shakespeare. The crazy award definitely goes to Richard Pyror's alphabet. He's a little aggressive and kind of reminds me of a homeless guy on the street mumbling to himself. But I guess kids have to learn somehow, right?

It's a fine list, and 100% of these I hadn't seen before. But I'd also like to reference some of more classic Sesame Street celebrity guest spots. When I was little I loved these:

1) Smokey Robinson--"U" Really Got a Hold on Me

My favorite video on Sesame Street. It's hysterical and I freakin' love this song.

2) Itzak Perlman--Beethoven's Minuet in G

Years later, I saw Itzak Perlman on TV and asked my mom "Who is that guy? Why do I know him?" and she explained how he was a famous violinist. I said that wasn't it, and she said, "Well, he was on Sesame Street," and I cried, "That's it!" See, it's that little cultural chip that gets implanted in your brain.

3) Cab Calloway--Hi De Ho Man

By the time I was old enough to see The Blues Brothers, I already loved Cab Calloway.

4) Wynton Marsalis--Jazz with Hoots the Owl

I love anything with Hoots, and this makes me feel super hip even now.

Who were your favorite Sesame Street celebrities?


renee said...

OMG the U really got a hold on me with Smokey was my FAVORITE. Like, hands down, I thought that and the Sammy the Snake (I forget who the hell that was with but it was amazing as well) made my childhood complete. All I can say is the writers for that show are certainly creative geniuses...