Monday, March 9, 2009

The Internet Grandma

Forget Kit. My new favorite Depression-era girl is Clara, now 93 and a Youtube sensation. Sharing simple recipes from a difficult time along with her family memories, Clara is a lovely addition to the internet. It's like always having a grandma around. Plus, she's a first-generation child of Sicilian parents. Hurray for Italian girls!

Some fun facts about Clara:

  • Born August 18, 1915 Chicago, Il
  • Daughter of Joe and Josephine Bonfanti (from Sicily
  • Worked for Hostess filling Twinkies (@1935)
  • Married Dino Cannucciari (opera singer) in Rome, Italy 1948
  • Had 1 son, Carl, 1950
  • Has 4 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren

Mostly, I love when Clara talks about growing up, and her own history. Usually, memories like these are lost. Even if grandparents share them with their grandchildren, only the grandchildren know. Now we get to hear a little bit about what life was like for Clara. (I love when she shares pictures!)

Check out her website, Great Depression Cooking. You can even buy her episodes on DVD!

(Shoutout to Bruce for being today's #1 copywriter!)