Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oy Vey

Okay, Pope Benedict. I get that the church doesn't exactly get behind contraception. But seriously? Condoms are not the answer in Africa's fight against HIV? In what ideal world is everyone going to practice abstinence. That's like saying people should just not shoot each other--then we wouldn't need gun laws. You need to live in reality, in which people have sex.

Not to say that handing out condoms is the answer. People need sex education. (Having sex with a virgin does not cure AIDS.) People need the opportunity to practice safe sex. People need to live without fear of getting raped.

Again, I understand that the church does not promote extramarital sex or contraception in general. But I think it's ridiculous for the pope to say that abstinence is the answer. He'd be better off just saying the church wants to help people in Africa get clean water/food/end violence.