Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rewatching the Watchmen

Did you see Watchmen? No? Read the book instead. Yes? I'm sorry.

It wasn't terrible (unless you're a major fan and were utterly disappointed, whereas I had literally just finished the book and was mildly interested in the movie), but it sure wasn't great. Awkward sex scene? Ugh. Bad acting? Lameface. Obnoxiously slow fight sequences? Marph.

It's been called an unfilmable novel. And I think that's part of the problem here. It's faithful to the book, but that means it's slow and has a lot of extraneous parts--did we need the burning building?--and the additions don't add much.

But what if the director had gone in an entirely different direction? Here are some glimpses at what could have been.

Naked Woody Allen? Hanna-Barbera homages? Sofia's self-indulgent dreamy shots?

Maybe we're better off with the movie as it is. And that's not saying a lot.