Friday, February 20, 2009

Cuddle Up

Alex shared this in the comments, but just in case anyone missed it (you all read every comment, right?), I thought I'd share.

They call it a Hug Me Pillow, but really, it's like something out of a bad Japanese horror movie. Some possessed torso-and-arm crawled into your bed and is going to squeeze you to death.

Seriously, who would want to cuddle with this? Even if you are in desperate need of affection, get your normal pillow out. You'll have nightmares in the Hug Me Pillow.

Like this lady. She's going to wake up screaming.

Also, I think that hand is going to cop a feel at some point.

Ugh, scary muppet hand molester pillow.


renee said...

HAHA, I was just looking at the link to that, and BAM, it's up. Well done Anne.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that was invented by some sick person who was finally fed up with the lack of intimacy that they experienced over the years, but was too afraid about the inflatable doll popping...

Oh, and I think we just found a solution to kids who can't break the habit of sleeping in mom and dad's bed... and a solution to keep psychiatric business booming...

Alex said...

Wow look at that my name made the front page haha.

Seriously this product has some potential as a weapon...insert robotic arm, give to the significant other for "when I'm on travel" and then forget the whole waking up screaming bit!