Thursday, February 19, 2009

More Ridiculous Than a Hen Party

For some reason, people can't get enough of the Snuggie. You'd think this would be confined to the comforts of their own home, but some people want to show their Snuggie the world. Some people want to have a drink with their Snuggie. Some people want to have a drink with their Snuggie and lots of other people in Snuggies.

Chicago's a cold city, but a Snuggie Pup Crawl? Seriously?

Wouldn't it be sad if three people showed up and then they were 'those drunk people in Snuggies?' Awkward.

The info:

What: A pub crawl in Chicago wearing Snuggies™
Saturday, April 18th

Important detail, BYO Snuggie. They're not just giving them away!

So, Chicago kids--who's joining them?


Catherine said...

Gah, curse you snuggie! Don't fans realize that the snuggie was invented like hundreds of years ago? It's called a ROBE.

I gotta wonder how people somehow connected the snuggie and a pub crawl. Nothing about the snuggie commercial makes me want to go out and drink.

alexandria said...

that's awesome and alarming all at once. check out this snuggie parody, the wtf blanket.

Alex said...

That's it, we're doing a pub crawl with these: