Monday, December 22, 2008

Books For a Happier Christmas

JK Rowling should get an award from the publishing world. Every time she releases a book, the industry explodes. And although the Harry Potter series is over, The Tales of Beedle the Bard is no exception. In about two weeks, it's sold over 2 million copies.

"Oh, gee," you might say, "that's so great for her. Yay, she can get another castle."

Hey, if JK wants another castle, JK should get another castle! But she's more giving than that:

"Rowling today thanked everyone who had bought a copy of the book. 'I am absolutely delighted that so much money has been raised,' she said. 'All royalties will be going to help children without families, many of them with disabilities, whose voices have been unheard for many years.'"

Although the reviews for Beedle aren't quite as strong as they have been for Harry Potter, I don't think Rowling is going for the same level of storytelling. This sounds like a charming series of tales from the magical world we all know and love. (Perhaps stories the Weasley children would have grown up hearing.)

Hurray for JK!