Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm gonna miss him when he moves out...

The White House is losing one totally lovable little guy this coming January.

No, not George. Barney! He and his ladyfriend Miss Beazley have been inhabiting the White House along with the Bushes for years now. They've also starred in a series of Christmas videos.

This year's Barney Christmas video just posted recently. You can find it here. As you'll notice, it proves once again that Jenna Bush may be the worst actress ever. You should watch this video because it is spectacularly hokie. I mean REALLY hokie. It's bad, but bad in a way that's almost good again. There's awkward dialogue between the first family. Weird references to the Olympics in the form of a strange dog dream. And Michael Phelps porn (not really porn, just gratuitous Phelps). Watch til the end, so you can see the credits that take up almost a third of the total run time, and feature awkwardly laughing George and another cute clip of Barney.

Merry Christmas Barney and Miss Beazley. I'll miss you.