Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Dog Days of College

Finals are rough. Or ruff. Because at the University of Pittsburgh, they bring in the dogs for exam-time stress relief.

"Every Tuesday night from 7 to 8 p.m., university officials let the dogs into the Commons Rooms, a heavily used study area...About 25 dogs participate in the program, which is called College Canine. All of the dogs and their owners attended training classes at the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, and all passed a tough test that won them certification from Therapy Dogs International."

What a great idea! I want to snuggle puppies every day, but especially during stressy periods like the end of the semester. Although, as Dan at Best Week Ever says:

"I love that they say the dogs ‘participate,’ like the dogs mulled it over then decided to sign up and donate their time. I also love picturing myself going to ‘College Canine’ nights and not studying for three hours leading up to the dogs’ arrival because 'the dogs are almost here' then playing with the dogs for an hour then not studying for another three hours because 'c’mon, we just played with the dogs!'"

Yeah...that's actually how it would go. Oh well. We can dream.