Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love London. If it weren't so expensive and so far away from everyone I know, I'd live there in a heartbeat. So Little Green Street blows my mind. Off Highgate, it's one of the few original Georgian streets in London. From the Little Green Street website:

"Most of the dozen houses were built in the 1780s, are Grade II listed, and both survived the Blitz and more than two hundred years of wear and tears from the generations who have raised their children in the narrow cobbled terrace."

So basically, Little Green Street is a survivor. Except now it's in danger:

"Although, after eight years of campaigning by more than fifteen thousand people...Camden Council are still vacillating about whether the construction work on a gated community with an underground car park should continue."

Come on, London. Leave your pretty street alone. Especially when it looks like this around Christmas time. (Anyone want to plan a visit?)