Monday, December 8, 2008

Forget 911

First other dogs, now people. Puppies will save your life! When 3-year-old Jaylynn (I totally thought this would be a girl) wandered away from his baby-sitter and got lost, he should have froze to death in the woods. But because of an adorable puppy sandwich, Jaylynn survived out in the cold:

"'They found him standing; he was wet, but the dogs were with him,' Jaylynn's mother, Sarah Ingram, told FOX News on Monday. 'I was told that the dogs slept with him. They could tell where they slept in the woods.'

Ingram said her son slept sandwiched between the two 12-week-old puppies, which officials say helped keep him warm through the 21-hour ordeal."

It's enough to make me risk hypothermia. I want to snuggle puppies! It's like Homeward Bound, specifically the part in which the animals help a lost girl.


Walt said...

Mmm. Adorable puppy sandwich.