Tuesday, December 9, 2008


In Michael Cunningham's story 'White Angel' (from Home at the End of the World), a plane crashes into a neighbor's house and kills the family.

Apparently that can really happen.

A military fighter jet crashed into a San Diego house yesterday, killing the mother, grandmother, and child inside. One other child is still missing. But I can't imagine many survivors from that scene. Apparently the jet was in training before it reported having trouble, and was trying to land at a Marine Air Station. Instead, it spiraled out of the sky and right into a residential area, essentially blowing up an entire house.

"Inside one of [the neighboring] houses, Robert Johnson sat in the living room with his daughter, Heather Certain, and her 2-year-old son, Nicholas, according to the Union-Tribune. They heard the explosion, then saw a giant fireball in their picture window facing their front yard."

Not exactly what you expect on a normal day in the suburbs. Earthquake, sure. Flood, why not? Mudslide, bring it on. But jet plane? How does something like that even happen? Pretty scary.