Tuesday, December 9, 2008

You Vant to Dance, Ya?

Ah, Sweden. Land of the Swedish chef, Kirsten Larson, and meatballs. A beautiful place. Don't you sometimes just love to put on ABBA and remember all that is wonderful about Sweden?

Except ABBA's getting replaced! They have been on top for too long. Sure, they have shiny outfits and funky harmonies, but they've become too Americanized. (Mamma Mia isn't even in Swedish!) So I offer you some replacement options:

They obviously spent a lot of time on this name. It's like that American band, "The Matts." Thanks, guys, for all that effort.

Not only do they sing, but they're also training for the next Olympics. You better watch your back, Michael Phelps!

Look, Grandpa's in the band, too! How sweet!

It's either a band or a bad Christmas card picture. Or they got the idea for the band while taking the Christmas card picture.

Got a favorite?