Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good For Your Health

Sometimes blogs are about funny videos and cute pictures of puppies and all the snark you can sit into a post. But sometimes they have a greater purpose. Sometimes blogs bring pediatric health news to curious readers.

Hence the reason the Lady Faces gets the occasional shaft-of-the-day. For at least the next few weeks, I'm a blogger (and doctor-blogging-helper) for Thrive, the official Children's Hospital Boston blog. CHB is one of the country's top children's hospitals, with lots of fantastic programs for children, so the blog has great experts weighing in on health topics.

Plus, you can see the serious side of Annie's writing. Check it out--swimming safety! ACL surgery! French fries! You just know you want to comment.

Really though, you should check it out. One day your child will need ACL surgery, and you'll know just what to do because of Thrive.

(I just saved your child's life!)