Thursday, July 9, 2009

That's Not Magic Smoke

When I saw the link "Harry Potter star faces drug charges," I gasped. Not Daniel! Not Emma! Not Rupert! Thankfully, those guys weren't involved. But guess who was?

Jamie Waylett, aka Vincent Crabbe. That's right, Malfoy's goon companion.

Somehow this seems so appropriate.

The story:

"Waylett was arrested in April after police searched his car and found 8 bags of pot. Agents later performed a sweep of Waylett's house and found more of the wacky weed growing in Jamies room."

Not smart, kid. If you've already been caught with a lot of pot and are in a major film series, stop growing the stuff in your own house! Of course, this is just the kind of behavior I'd expect from Crabbe.


Maria said...

You know, this never would have happened if they hadn't drugged him with shape shifting potion. That stuff is like crack.

Maria said...

Wait, no. They took the potion and he was drugged with a pastry. At any rate, Hogwarts needs a D.A.R.E. program.