Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'd Like to See Gatsby's Party Supplies

I love the Johnson County Library in Kansas City so much for this. Instead of just having normal delivery trucks, they decided to get a fleet of fake literary business trucks. That's right--get your books delivered by Kafka's Pest Control and Captain Ahab's Fine Seafood.

From librarian Donna Lauffer.

“On first seeing the trucks, people may think oh, what a clever name for a business,” she stated. “Then catching the tag line ‘Available at Johnson County Library’ will definitely get them thinking more about the message and what the library has to offer. We think the campaign will be fun and interesting for the public, especially those who have read the books and are familiar with the characters and authors. Often we promote all the services and resources the library to offer such as online databases, career assistance, and home work help. We tend to overlook why most people come to the library: to find something good to read.”

I hope this works! Creative librarians rock my socks.


Jill said...

Love this!!!