Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To the New World!

For the longest time, Justin Timberlake didn't really enter my radar. Sure, I danced to 'NSync songs at dances, and I thought going solo was a good move, but I was never in love with him. Well, SNL has made me love him so much. The music? That's fun and catchy and great, but it's the comedy that puts him over the top. I mean, Dick in a Box? Hip Hop Kids? Motherlover? Freakin' awesome. Every time he's on, it's funny. Who'd have known that he'd fit into SNL so well?

This one isn't quite 'Dick in a Box,' but it's a great send-up of Timberlake's career.

Keep dreaming of that new world, Cornelius Timberlake. It's a glorious world for us all!


Patrick said...

Don't forget Omeletville. http://www.56.com/u12/v_MTkzNDE5NjE.html