Tuesday, July 21, 2009

So Far My Coffee Table Is Going on Eight Months

This article from the Atlantic Monthly makes me feel a little guilty about loving IKEA so much. Of course, it's not exactly a shock that their products (and thus their company) isn't sustainable--after all, how much can you really ask of a $20 table? But does anyone really want to think about IKEA's forestry monitors when they're picking out a cheap sofa?

The real problem:

"Designed but not crafted, IKEA bookcases and chairs, like most cheap objects, resist involvement: when they break or malfunction, we tend not to fix them. Rather, we buy new ones."

It's true. You don't worry about saving your $35 bookcase for your grandchildren. If it breaks, it breaks.

Hopefully IKEA will do its part to rectify this issue. They seem to care about good company image, and sustainability is a major issue nowadays. Because I don't think I can afford to invest in Louis IV tables just yet.