Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Your Next Vacation Spot, Right?

The people of Forks, Washington probably never thought their home would be considered a tourist town. But ever since Stephanie Meyer made it the home of the Cullen family, Twilight fans have flocked to the small Northwestern town. It might bring in money, but it also brings in bad puns, like culinary delicacy "Bellasagne."

Wonder if the filling is angsty teen.

Granted, Forks is the perfect location for the series. It's remote, it's cloudy, it's outdoorsy, and the Washington scenery is pretty gorgeous. Still, it can't be so great for the residents of Forks, who have to deal with Twilight-fan-freakouts. For example:

"Chris Cook, editor of the local paper and author of guide book Twilight Territory, says the school's principal was mobbed at a Seattle airport when a teenage fan spotted his Forks Spartan jacket and started yelling, 'He's from Forks, he's from Forks!'"

At least Harry Potter fans haven't mobbed a high school principal. (That I know of.)