Monday, April 27, 2009

Available For Preorder

Leila, aka the bookshelves of doom maven, is putting together a literary journal for YA lit, and I'm going to be in the first issue! Bookshelves of doom is one of my very favorite YA blogs, so I'm really excited about this project. Plus, YA short stories generally don't get a lot of attention--there aren't tons of journals the way there is for adult literature, and even Cicada stopped accepting submissions--so I think this is a fantastic move.

A description of the first issue:

"In Volume 1, Number 1, you'll revisit one of Shakespeare's plays; experience time travel; spend time at a racetrack, in high school and the world of cubicles; break down on your way to Vegas; and escape from summer camp."

You can order the first issue of TBR Tallboy here, and I sincerely hope you do!


caitlin said...

annie, i was so pleased to see your name on leila's blog ... but not entirely surprised--your place in the first volume of tbr tallboy is well deserved! my copy is on order, and i can't wait to read your story. congratulations!