Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Want to Punch Their Lights Out

Recently, the Boston Globe ran an article about young people who are eschewing modern technology in favor of a simpler life. No, it's not steampunk. It's just people who don't really use their cell phones.

I feel like this article was so half-assed. I would be more interested to read about people who actually eschew modern technology--ie, they read by candlelight, they grow their own vegetables, they dream about being Amish. The people in this article were so self-righteous about not using technology, but they ended up admitting that they used it sometimes. For example, the Kalfs have a TV but keep it turned to the wall. Like they have to hide it. Just have a TV or don't have it. You don't need to brag about how much you watch it or don't watch it. Also, they go to their parents' to use the computer. That must be really fun for their parents.

Mostly I hate this quote:

"Worshiping at the church of the pixel comes at the expense of real-life experience," says Alan, who teaches biology at Lexington Christian Academy.

Can you be any more pretentious about the fact that you have hobbies?

How is that a fucking article? Seriously? I want to read about people who are hardcore, passionate, whatever. I want an article about the Amish. Not baout people who just don't answer their cell phones very often. Those people aren't interesting; they're just hard to contact.

No wonder the Boston Globe is going under.