Thursday, April 2, 2009


Why is it that in cartoons/children's books, mice are always the heroes and cats are always villains? Mice are gross. They come into your house uninvited, carrying diseases. They want to eat your food. They want to set up shop in your shoes. They want to walk over your face at night. They want you to contract their deadly mouse-feces disease and die so they can eat your rotting corpse. This is not the behavior of adorable creatures. This is the behavior of the worst

Know what they have going for them? The tiny factor. That's not necessarily cute, people! Other tiny things include ticks, the ebola virus, and bedbugs. Not cute!

And they always come back. How can you kill these things? How can you ever escape their wrath? Why do we make them adorable in media? The cats--who kill mice--should be the adorable heroes!

Can you guess what I found in my apartment this morning?

Until they start wearing tiny clothes, speaking English, and making me a new dress, the mice are dead.