Friday, April 24, 2009

You Forgot One Thing

Part of the fun of big summer blockbusters is you know what you're going to get--a lot of action, not a lot of time spent poring over the script. So the good people at Overthinking It have put together a list of blockbuster cliches.

Even better--it's interactive! They present a mad-libs style list. You can fill in your favorite/most hysterical replies, and post them in the comments. And then on Friday, May 1, they'll post their favorite fill-ins.

Take the challenge!

The list, for your convenience:

  1. “You forgot one thing.” “What’s that, hotshot?” “________.”
  2. “Leave the ______ out of it. This is between ___ and ___.”
  3. “In case ________, there’s something I want you to know. I’ve always ______.”
  4. “You’ve never given up on anything in your life! Now stand up and ______!”
  5. “We have to go back for him!” “Forget him! He’s ______!”
  6. “If I ______, they ______. And I won’t let that happen.”
  7. “Only ______ can save us now.”
  8. “So it’s true what they say. You are ______.”
  9. “In every man’s life, there’s a time to ______ and a time to ______. I feel like ______. Who’s with me?”
  10. “What do we do now?” [dramatic zoom] “We ______.”

Go fill in with hilarity!