Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In a World Filled With Lies...

It's so secret I love trailers. If I had any technical skill at all, I would so hop on that job. You get to use the "In a world..." cliche and it still sounds awesome. Sometimes trailers are even better than the actual movie. And sometimes they represent what the movie should have been.

You could say the fault lies with the marketing department, but in some cases the marketing department has more creativity than the people who actually put the movie together.

Missing from this list:

  • The Family Stone was supposed to be a romantic comedy about a quirky family. Enter cancer and lots of horrifyingly awkward scenes. (Oh, dear lord, Sarah Jessica Parker, please shut your mouth!)
  • They thought Pearl Harbor would be the next Titanic. Except Titanic had half a movie of action, instead of fifteen minutes of action and two hours of mind-numbingly absurd love triangles. I just wanted historical action. How hard is that to deliver?
  • I haven't seen it yet, but wasn't Man of the Year a total trailer lie? And it sounded like such a good idea for a movie.

Yet another example of how great movies are made in the editing process.