Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Heidi the Beagle

Okay, I have giggled at chubby beagles before. But this is actually really sad.

Obviously my latest thrill was The Daily Beagle. On their website, they have a link to beagle adoption/rescue sites, one of which is Beagles of the New England States. Basically, this is a way to torture myself, because they have beagles that you can adopt.

One of whom is Heidi.

Seriously, read her bio before you see her pictures. (The picture posted here is from Heidi in April, having lost an incredible amount of height.) Heidi is a 3 year-old beagle who had an abusive owner. He didn't have time for her and kept her in a crate, feeding her bad stuff to keep her quiet. (Ahem, why get a beagle if you don't want your dog to bark?! Jackass.) When the rescue picked her up, she weight 120 lbs (the average beagle weighs between 17 and 30 lbs) and could not move on her own. For a breed that loves to run, this is so sad!

Since her rescue, Heidi has lost 60 lbs. Her foster family has been so great in helping Heidi get healthy and really saving her life. You can check her progress on her website. She even has a blog! I love puppy blogs! Also, now that you've read her bio, you can check out her pictures. It's actually really upsetting to see a dog so overweight--and this was from when she was down to 80 lbs! I can't even imagine how sad it would have been to rescue Heidi at 120.

Feel sad for Heidi? Want to help her? You can adopt her and help her get the rest of the way to a healthy weight.

I would totally adopt her if I a) didn't live in an apartment, b) wasn't a student, c) had actually had a pet before and knew how to take care of one on my own.

Save Heidi!