Monday, April 20, 2009

Three Howls for Puppies!

You know how much I love The Daily Puppy? I never thought I'd find something cuter.

Oh my God, I found it.


Every day, it's a new beagle picture/video! My head might explode from all the cute.

Okay, I know that beagles aren't exactly good apartment dogs. They howl and bay and will run after a scent until their legs fall off. But they're also really friendly and adorable and, as this video from Animal Plant says, are everything you want in a dog.

Also, if you ever want to hunt foxes or rabbits, you already have a dog for that! They're not just a lovable companion; they're a hunting machine!

Of course, I don't tend to hunt a lot of foxes or rabbits. But maybe one could hunt for my keys?

Until the space for a beagle comes through, I'll be visiting the Daily Beagle.