Monday, September 29, 2008

Because One List Isn't Enough

I like my family well enough. We're no Flying Zamboni Motorcycling Family, but we get by. But sometimes I like to imagine slightly famous people as my real family. Here's our family tree thus far:

Mom: JK Rowling
Obviously. Sometimes, if I'm watching a biographical special on her, or an interview, I get teary because I think she's so amazing. I tend to have a heart of ice about these things, but I would definitely cry like a preteen at a Beatles concert if I met her. I tell my real mom that I hope JK adopts me someday. This has gotten to be something I say so often that friends have jumped on the Rowling adoption dream bandwagon. Jo, if you're out there, we're ready to be your dutiful daughters.

Dad: TBA
Still under review. I'm currently accepting applications.

Older Sister: Felicia Day
Felicia can sing, act, write, and is friends with Joss Whedon. She's an older sister I'd definitely look up to.

Middle Sister: Me
In real life, I'm the youngest, but in Fantasy Family, I put myself here.

Brother: Michael Cera
He's the ultimate adorable awkward teen (see Arrested Development and Juno), which I think would make him the ultimate little brother. Plus in interviews he seems like a genuinely cool person.

Younger Sister: Julia Nunes
She plays the ukulele. She's a youtube star. She's adorable. Welcome to the family, Julia!

Cousins: the Green Brothers
John writes YA novels. Hank runs ecogeek. They videoblog and have inspired a generation of nerdfighters. They'd be pretty awesome to have around during the holidays.

Mostly I think we'd all just have a good time together. And take funny family portraits.