Friday, September 26, 2008

Three things that I think are neat

... but didn't have time to blog about in the past two weeks of "holy crap I do too much work" life.

1. This dude has a good idea. Oh yeah oh yeah, there's no way it's doable, and I'm sure I've got at least a couple friends with a more intimate knowledge of how the economy works that could debunk it for one reason or another, but really, it really just seems like a good idea to me. Heck, I'd even say cut the money in half and put it into early childhood education programs. I'd still be happy. But that's just me.

2. This toliet is insanely awesome. I have to be honest though, despite it's awesomeness, I'm a little skeptical on whether or not it's a good idea. Or practical. But practicality is out the door when you're talking about pet fish anyway.

3. And of course this logo too, which to me is representative of both the idiocy of Barracuda's pathetic interview with Katie Couric (did you SEE how bad she was?) and what I think was the pansy move on Walnut's part to try to drop out of the debate because he's frightened. Although I'll give him credit, this has at least lowered expectations on his end.


annie said...

It's kind of scary that Katie Couric sounds like a more qualified VP.

I guess the fish are safe...but I'd be worried something would back up and kill the fish. But maybe they like living in danger.

Catherine said...

I don't like the fish bowl/toilet bowl thing for 3 reasons:

1. It's sexist! Only boys would get to watch the fish as they go! I guess we ladies could awkwardly try to turn our bodies as we sat on the pot, but I just don't see it working well. Additionally, I think it might encourage malicious boys to be even messier in the bathroom. You know some would use the poor fishies as targets and just squirt everywhere!

2. Like Annie said, I'd live in fear that, despite perfect engineering, somehow the toilet water would back up into the fishbowl. Death by poo is no way to go, not even for a fish!

3. Putting a fish on a toilet is like making a person live in a cemetery. Who wants to reside in the place where they know they will one day be laid to rest? Also, when a fish does dies all of his friends will have to watch him take the Great Flush. How traumatic would that be? How would the mama fish explain that to their children? It just seems cruel.

Please, let's keep the fish tanks in living rooms and dentists' waiting rooms.