Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome to 5 South

It's that time of the year. Students are returning to college campuses, ready to hand out flyers about a cappella concerts, protests, and greek life. Freshman, adorable lanyards with their keys and ID around their necks, are herded into dorms and forced to coexist with people they've never met before. My own first year dorm experience worked out pretty well. At first I thought, "Wow, this is weird, a stranger is right across the room, I don't think I like this," but then she killed an enormous cockroach and she became my hero. Half of my hall would interact; the other half we never really saw. But even with Ben and Jerry's sharing (a pint, multiple plastic spoons, someone's computer) and in-hall baseball, we never quite matched the hilarity that is Dorm Life.

Granted, I might have gone crazy if I had had to live with half of these people. But, much like its inspiration The Office, I love watching these 5--10 minute episodes about roommates, IM sports, and all nighters.

Some favorite characters:

Steph: So excited to meet you! Steph's energy is insane. She's the girl you hate and love all at the same time.

Mike: The 5 South Everyman. Plus he can juggle.

Marshall: The worst RA ever. "Umm...bye."

Daniel: The classic hall nerd, who's secretly in love with  Mystery Hot Girl.

Courtney: "I'll make you look like a vice president." This girl is hysterical. She's a typical sorority girl but somehow manages to have the funniest moments on the show. Snaps for Courtney!

The show starts out kind of slow, but it gets so amazing. (Some favorite episodes are 'All Nighters,' 'IM Football,' and 'The Talent Show.') The season ends with the end of fall semester. I can't wait to see them back for spring.