Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Changes for Samantha

I guess 104 is too old. Samantha Parkington, aka American Girl's Victorian doll, is being retired.

What the fuck, American Girl? What. The. Fuck.

I loved Samantha. After reading The Secret Garden and A Little Princess I was primed for the adventures of a smart, sassy Victorian orphan. Plus her doll. It was like Pleasant T. Rowland had developed this idea of historical fiction plus toys just for me.

But now they tell me Samantha has to go away. That it will help them develop new dolls. Come on, AG. I know you sell a lot. Why are you pushing Samantha to the side? Why do you have to get rid of anyone? Hell, if you have to, get rid of those damn Best Friend dolls. Who needs them? Or that new chick, Julie, from the 1970's.

I wish I weren't upset about this. It's a doll, right? Seems kind of stupid. But it was a nice part of my childhood and I'm sad that girls won't get to experience that anymore.

On the American Girl website, you can share stories about how Samantha has affected your life. I don't want stories! I want more tiny accessories!

From the article:

"As an early American Girl enthusiast who also happened to own a Samantha doll, this announcement made me feel like a birthday girl who just realized Eddie Ryland salted her ice cream. (In other words, super-pissed)."
Damn straight, Kate Ward.

Good-bye, Samantha. We barely knew ye.


Renee said...

OMG, SHE HAD THE KICK-ASS BLUE DRESS FOR HER WINTER THING, RIGHT?! Ugh, the NERVE. Who DOESN'T love turn of the century stories and, more importantly, tiny garb and accessories?! The nerve. I second your annoyance. She's a classic. Com'on.

Catherine said...

Although I am a Molly owner personally, I too am irate with this announcement! Seriously, Samantha is a classic! And I agree, I loved reading about this time period as a kid (heck, I still do!). Farewell Samantha, you totally rocked the Edwardian mono-bosom dress!

Catherine said...

PS- I love that "douchebags" is one of the labels for this post, lol.