Monday, October 20, 2008

More For Cute Monday

By now, you should probably know that I love It's the one site on the internet on which all commenters are overwhelmingly enthusiastic. But sometimes the three most recent "daily puppies" aren't all that adorable. Sure, they're puppies, so they're tiny rays of sunshine, but occasionally I won't ooo and awww as much as I should.

That's not what's going on today. Because it's Cute Monday. Meet your puppies:

1) Zya the Australian Shepherd

2) Louis the Dachshund

3) Braewyn the Basset Hound

Even if it's been a long, hard Monday, at least one of these faces will make you happy.


Catherine said...

OMG I love Braewyn. Ever since you introduced me (via this blog) to The Daily Puppy I've been checking it every day. I fell in love with Braewyn when I saw her. I want her. Please can I have her?