Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stories that make me and my girl little heart sob with happiness

Up until this point my conception of Texan high school life began and ended with Varsity Blues, but after hearing this story I'll have to reevaluate that.

Because the students at Aledo High School (outside of Fort Worth) voted Kristin Pass their homecoming queen. She's not a cheerleader or star athlete, but her schoolmates consider her "the coolest kid in the whole wide world," which wouldn't be impressive if she didn't have Down Syndrome.

Given how many stories you hear these days about the prevalence of bullying -- including just today a story about a school that's created a website to help students report bullies anonymously -- it's nice to see that a young lady who might otherwise be ostracized is instead being rewarded for her big heart.

The video of the story will post sometime this evening, and I'll make sure to update here to add it when it does.

Then everyone can be a big sap just like me.