Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday's yuck-it-up

Good morning folks. It's Thursday, which means it's bad joke day.

What do clouds wear under their clothes?

... How awesome is that? Pretty cheesy, right? I agree. Oh how I love a good yuckster of a joke. But this joke gave me more than a mere internal chuckle, because this joke led me to discover a whole new phenomenon. Because it turns out there's a product out there called Thunderwear that is intended to hold guns. I bet you're wondering why the name sounds so similar to "underwear." At least that was what I was wondering when I first found this product, but then I looked more closely at the picture, and it became clear.

Thunderwear is for when you want to keep your firearms as close to your genitals as possible, for example, in your underwear. It is amazing. If I owned a gun I would want this. Heck, I may get this and use it to keep other items that I want to keep close to my loins. Keys, money, knives!

So what about the whole "guns near things I really don't want to shoot" issue? Well do not fret. There's a FAQ on the website to address that query.

How safe is this type of carry? I'm concerned especially where it's located.
Thunderwear Holsters are the safest Concealed Holsters you can own. First, the weapon is on top of the sensitive area of your body pointed down in between your feet. It's impossible to get your finger on the trigger until you extract your weapon. The fact is you actually feel more secure because your weapon will act as a "CUP" to protect the sensitive area of your body if under physical attack!
There you go. All safe. You can now go out and get your own thunderwear. If It were up to me I'd have named it GUN-der-wear, but then the cheesy joke would have never brought such joy to all our lives.


annie said...

Can we make the competing "gun-derwear" and make millions?