Friday, April 17, 2009

Remember My Name

A new version of Fame? By the writer of 27 Dresses?

Yeah, I'm worried.

The trailer doesn't look too bad, especially when the original trailer didn't convey a lot about the movie, either. But my guess is that this is a chance to capitalize on kids who love the High-School-Hannah-Montana-Brothers-Camp-Rock thing. In the original movie, the kids are tough and deal with a lot of really bad stuff while in school. (Molestation, abortion, being a failure at 18, etc.) It's actually one of the best 'teen' movies, since it's not really about teen issues. And the actors look like they were teenagers in New York City in 1980. (Kids of different racial backgrounds? And not just the one black friend? Holy cow!)

In the new trailer, things look a little too shiny. Of course, this is just a teaser trailer, so maybe the movie itself will be kind of gritty, but I doubt it. I just hope it won't be as lame as Center Stage.