Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Secret Family Member

I really should put together a family tree, since I have another secret family member to add. Tim Gunn, fashion guru and Project Runway star, would be my uncle. I want him around at holidays to tell me I look fabulous and say, "You should wear more wrap dresses," or "Purple would be such a great color on you." If I ever met him, I would freak out and giggle a lot and he'd think I was a total spaz. But that doesn't mean I don't dream about the day I'll meet him.

Michelle Collins, Best Week Ever blogger, got to live the dream.

Here's a depiction of the actual event. She's like me and kind of freaks out on the inside, but unlike me, she keeps it cool on the outside. Mostly. I love her for it.

My favorite moment:

Michelle: I hope my Spanx don’t roll down because of this. (Ed. Note: Shame? I have none.)

Tim: Are you really wearing Spanx?

Michelle: What? Three pairs! (The two laugh. They are fast friends.)

Tim: Oh, I’m jealous. I wish I could wear Spanx.

Michelle: What? Don’t say such things, you don’t need em!

Tim: I tell you, I want to invent Spanx for men… I would call them Manx.

Fashionable and hysterical? Tim Gunn is the next step in evolution.