Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Instant Gratification

Has anyone tried Cake in a Mug? It sounds reasonable...and yet for some reason I'm suspicious. Maybe it's because the presentation sounds too good to be true, like something from an infomercial:

"You’re working at home and your mind starts to wander to snack possibilities. There are probably some prepackaged, good-until-the-next-millennium baked items in your cabinet, but you’re in the mood for something warm from the oven. Something chocolate. However, your compulsion to work is just strong enough to keep you from leaving the computer long enough to make something from scratch. Guess it’ll have to be another stale Twinkie after all.

But wait! With Cake in a Mug, you can have a hot, delicious, fresh-baked chocolate cake in minutes! And all it takes is a microwave, some hot chocolate mix, and a couple of ingredients you’ve probably got in your kitchen."

I can just see the black-and-white video of someone staring sadly at a Twinkie, then going into a color version of cake-in-a-mug. Oh the joy! Oh the rapture! But aren't these things always too good to be true?

Of course, maybe with a little frosting I'd be totally on board.