Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Campaign Promises

The Obama girls, Malia and Sasha, have had an exciting night. Sure, their dad is the new president. But more importantly, they're getting a puppy!

I wonder what the First Puppy will look like! As a regular visitor of Daily Puppy, I have a few suggestions:

Patches is so tiny, he'll fit anywhere in the White House! And the Obamas could take him on trips anywhere they needed. He'll fit in their pockets!

Beagles are such an All-American dog.

A great dane is very impressive! No need for secret service when you've got a dog the size of a pony with you.

A hound dog could sniff out corruption in Washington! Plus, look at that face. Couldn't that end trouble in the Middle East?

Any more suggestions for the new First Daughters?


Catherine said...

I can just imagine them standing there with their dad, witnessing a historic moment and thinking "yes! I'm getting a puppy!" Ha ha. It will be fun to have kids in the White House again!

Renee said...

OH!! They should totally adopt a puppy!!! Not buy one! Then they can have a Pound Puppy in the White House!!