Wednesday, November 19, 2008


These are kind of amazing: 10 "Last Pictures" of people, from Princess Diana to Abraham Lincoln to a couple killed in the 2004 tsunami. A really moving collection.

My favorites:

"Photojournalist Bill Biggart was covering the events of September 11th and was Tragically killed as the second tower of the World Trade Center came down. Four days later Biggart’s body was recovered from the rubble and his personal effects, including his cameras were given to his wife...His friend turned his attention to the digital camera that was covered by ash. The lens had been sheared off but when he opened the chamber that held the flash card he discovered it was in pristine condition. The card contained 150 pictures including the last picture taken shown above which is time stamped 10:28 am and 24 seconds. The time was 10:30am when the second tower came down."

Make sure to read the rest. I don't want to spoil it, but it's such an interesting, tragic story.

"Einstein’s brain was removed within seconds of his death (without the permission of his family) in hope that future neuroscience would be able to discover what made Einstein so intelligent. Recent scientific studies have suggested that regions involved in speech and language are smaller, while regions involved with numerical and spatial processing are larger."

This makes me want to read Michael Paterniti's Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip Across America With Einstein's Brain.