Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Break-Up

It's like when you see this one couple at parties and think, "Wow, they get along so well. How adorable. We should double with them!" But then a few months later they break up and you realize that he was cold and she was controlling and he hated puppies and she ate babies. I'm guessing that's how the GOP feels right now. Because even though Sarah Palin initially energized the campaign and connected with young Republican voters, apparently there was trouble in paradise underneath all of that smiling and waving.

The New York Times dishes up the dirt on conflicts in the McCain/Palin camp. Some claim that Palin didn't accept preparation for the Katie Couric interview, while her people say she just didn't have time with all that was in her schedule. Apparently that whole wardrobe spending spree was a surprise to them, too. And they really didn't like that Palin was thinking about running in the future.

My favorite moment:

"As late as Tuesday night, a McCain adviser said, Ms. Palin was pushing to deliver her own speech just before Mr. McCain’s concession speech, even though vice-presidential nominees do not traditionally speak on election night. But Ms. Palin met up with Mr. McCain with text in hand. She was told no by Mark Salter, one of Mr. McCain’s closest advisers, and Steve Schmidt, Mr. McCain’s top strategist."

It sounds like Palin was at a wedding and wanted to make a speech but was just some random guest, not the maid of honor.

So if there were conflicts just during these couple of months, how exactly where McCain and Palin supposed to work together in the White House? It annoys me that VPs are picked in the hopes of getting a candidate elected, not because a candidate thinks that person is the best for the job once they get it.

But I'm really curious to see how this all plays out. Fight!