Tuesday, November 25, 2008

X-Men is For Real

Maybe there really will be a next evolutionary step towards superpowers. Natasha Demkina has X-ray vision. How crazy awesome is that? Apparently she's always been fairly advanced, but when she had to get her appendix out, she mentioned that she could see the things inside her. And then:

"At the children’s hospital in her hometown of Saransk, Western Russia, doctors ran a battery of tests to find out if the little girl really did have x-ray vision. In one case Natasha drew a picture of what she saw inside a doctor’s stomach, marking a dark spot exactly where he had an ulcer. She also disagreed with the diagnosis of a cancer patient, saying all she could see was a small cyst. Further tests on the woman proved that Natasha was correct."

Not only does she have a superpower, but she can also help people. Of course: "Natasha often has headaches after these sessions and finds it emotionally exhausting because of the illnesses she diagnoses." So Natasha will have to take it easy. And hopefully the public won't hound her too much.

I'm waiting for my superpower to kick in. With my luck, I'd be able to talk to squirrels or make myself into a teacup.