Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Is For Cutes

This time, the penguins are getting in on it. You think one baby penguin is enough? How about a baby penguin whose best friend is a stuffed animal penguin--that he loves to cuddle!

Seriously, I might die of cute. Of course, it all starts sad. Pingu the penguin's sibling was stealing all his food. (Dysfunctional families--can't even get away from them in the animal kingdom.) So zookeepers had to move him, but he was lonely.

"Staff bought a £3.99 toy penguin from the zoo shop which acts as a surrogate sibling to the chuffed chick - who cuddles up to its new friend all day...

The youngster will return to the colony when it is strong enough to compete with the others for food.

As well as a stuffed penguin Pingu also cuddles up to a toy puffin."

That must have been the happiest day at the zoo. I can't wait for penguin zoo birthdays!