Monday, November 17, 2008

I Wish I Could Go Back to College

As a recent college grad, I miss the days on grounds. (Okay, it's been a few years...but it still feels like orientation was yesterday!) I miss sleeping in because class didn't start until 11; I miss how costume parties were a regular part of my social schedule; I even miss the kids handing out fliers, saying "Come to our a cappella concert/bar night/philanthropy event!" But with internet short sensation Dorm Life, I get to go back for about five minutes at a time.

The first season left off at the end of first semester, when the hallmates were unlucky in love--all the guys were left dejected in some way. But hopefully soon we'll get to see the rest of the school year. The hall is back and ready for even more craziness. In the interview linked above, show creators Jessie Gaskell, Jim Brandon, and Brian Singelton discuss what's coming:

"The second season is the story of second semester. Our floor comes back from Christmas break after spending some time at home ready to tie up the lose ends from last semester. All the questions we left the end of Season 1 will be addressed- Did Mike blow it forever with Brittany? We know Abby is engaged but is she totally out of the picture? With Shane on academic probation, will his partying lifestyle have to be put on hold so he can get his act together? How will Danny B get out of the friend zone with his Mystery Hot Girl? Do Steph and Marshall get married? We find out in second semester! This season also features several new characters who have been lurking in the background of Season 1."

I'm so excited! I hope that Mike and Brittany have a little more trouble before they get together--perhaps a Karen (from The Office) figure to shake things up? Will Mystery Hot Girl realize that Danny B would make the most adorable college boyfriend? (I hope he gets to sexile Gopher and Shane.) Will Abby ever say more than "I'm engaged?" Will Courtney freak the hell out again? (She's AMAZING.)

In the interview they say they hoped season to be to back in November. So far, that's not the case. But I know I'll be checking the website regularly. Rest assured I'll pass on any updates here.