Monday, November 10, 2008

RSVP and Info For Guests

If you're like me, you're just entering the age in which all your friends get married. Woohoo, right? That means you see a lot of wedding websites. Mostly I think those are pretty helpful: they direct you to the wedding registries so you don't have to drag yourself over to Crate and Barrel; they give directions to chapels/hotels; they provide links to other things to do in the area, which means you can find a bar for those awkward in-between-ceremony-and-reception times. But some people like to take them over the top and tell a little too much. I don't really care what your secret nicknames for each other are. I don't need to see eighty pictures of you all snuggly. (What I do need are promises it's an open bar.)

The writers at The Office must relate, because now there's an Andy-Angela wedding website, and it's fantastic.

About flowers:

"Does anyone know a flower that doesn't have bright colors or pollen?"

The bachelor party details:
"Just starting to discuss this. Angela may have some warm tea with some of her friends from the cat park. Me, I want to save my energy before I start the first day of the rest of my life. So the night before our wedding, I'll probably just watch Bachelor Party on DVD."

The registry:
So many cats!

It makes me feel kind of bad for Andy, since he's actually into this wedding, and Angela's probably having sex with Dwight right now. (In my imaginary world where tv characters live on outside of their allotted time slot.) But Andy's such a tool that that empathy doesn't stay inside me for too long.

This is one wedding website I will continue to check for updates.