Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Suck It

The Twilight series is pretty silly. But the actors in the upcoming movie aren't:

"The connection that I am an actor playing this character is sort of skipped,' [Robert Pattinson] said, laughing during an interview before the throng was admitted to the Hot Topic store here. 'They are in denial. They think I am Edward Cullen.'"

I like that he's a little creeped out by the Twilight fans. Such as:

"Alena Marsh, 19, from Lancaster, Pa., managed to show Mr. Pattinson a tattoo above her ear of a small apple and the word “lamb,” which is Edward’s nickname for Bella. Afterward she leaned on a kiosk outside the store, tears streaming down her face as other fans rushed to her. 'He was this close,” she said as they squealed. “Close enough to bite my neck.' OMG."

A little different from when Leonardo DiCaprio held Kate Winslet at the front of the Titanic. (I'll admit it, I swooned.) I don't think anyone expected Jack to bite Rose and suck her into the underworld. Although that might have made it a really unexpected ending.

There's too much craziness associated with this movie. I kind of have to go now. Any partners?