Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gotta Love Those Pheromones

With the economy the way it is, magazine editors have to go that extra mile to get people to pick up their magazines at the stands. For their "Sexiest Man" issue, People Magazine decided that featuring Hugh Jackman wasn't enough. I can just imagine how this discussion went over at the People Magazine office.

Editor #1: We need to think of something that'll really grab readers. They can find pictures of Hugh Jackman online for free. Why buy our issue?
Editor #2: Could we include a sample of his favorite dessert?
Editor #1: I like the idea, but it's too expensive. Plus it might go bad. What else?
Editor #3: What if people could smell him? Right in the comfort of their own homes?
Editor #1: Scratch-and-sniff! I love it!
Editor #2: I sniffed Hugh Jackman once. Then I got tackled by his bodyguard.

Yes, it's the scratch-and-sniff issue. Because people don't just need to know about Hugh Jackman's upcoming movie, or his family life. They need to know how he smells before the deodorant.

Okay, it's not really Hugh Jackman's smell. Apparently all the sexy men got to pick "the fragrance that makes them feel their sexiest." But I prefer to think People Magazine asked for skin samples first and then agreed for the "favorite smell" instead.

As my friend Maria said, "Christmas came early for stalkers this year."