Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Shallowest Generation

Usually it's the Baby Boomer generation complaining about the hipster generation, claiming we're lazy, selfish, and disloyal to companies. And the Boomers claim they were active in the social change that we only claim to be into. But now James Quinn, a senior director of strategic planning at the Wharton School, takes on the Baby Boomers. Specifically, how overspending and bad banking has taken its toll on the economy.

It's an interesting article. Whether the Baby Boomers are the cause of this crisis or not, the idea of overspending and stupid bank decisions feel real across all generations.

Plus, for once it's nice to not be the generation blamed for the failings of society.


kgwhit said...

The baby boom generation is not very uniform. You can argue that the generation that gave us the 60's and the peace movement is also the generation of Reagan. The baby boomers became a plurality of the electorate in 1980. 28 years later the first liberal is elected about the time the baby boomers are going on social security.