Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's Not Over Until the Vulcan Sings

Some people think opera just isn't for them. It's unfamiliar performers singing overly dramatic songs in foreign languages. It doesn't connect to real life or contemporary entertainment. But Floris Schönfeld is out to change that with his Klingon opera.

"He latched on to the idea of a Klingon opera as a way to explore themes he wanted to pursue about merging different worlds...The Klingon opera Mr. Schönfeld is developing is called “ ’u’.” The apostrophes before and after the “u” are part of the title and are pronounced by Mr. Schönfeld like short coughs. The title, he said, stands for universe or universal."

It's an interesting idea. I tend to like when people take some kind of canon--Star Trek or opera here--and play around with it. I'm also really curious to see how many people actually get attend. There is, after all, the popular Jerry Springer Opera, so the idea isn't totally out there as long as Schönfeld's writing/music are strong enough to support the concept.

How will Star Trek fans approach this? Especially since Schönfeld wasn't a big Star Trek fan to begin with.