Sunday, May 31, 2009

Children's Writers Have Sick Senses of Humor...Hurray!

Remember Shel Silverstein? Where the Sidewalk Ends? The Giving Tree? Yeah, good stuff from your childhood. Martyr-complex trees and funny poems are great and all, but what I really like is dark humor about dead ponies. And Shel delivers.

He has some great short plays, but The Best Daddy is, without a doubt, the most hysterical thing ever.

Catch the American Repertory Theater's production of Seriously Funny: an evening of short works by David Mamet, Harold Pinter, and Shel Silverstein to see it live

Seriously, guys. Dead ponies.

I love you so much, Shel Silverstein.


Patrick said...

Don't forget Shel did LOTS of cartoons for Playboy back in the day also.

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